About Border States

We believe unstoppable businesses shouldn’t go it alone.

We are owners — of relationships, of outcomes, of every moment these unstoppable businesses need to deliver.

When the world needs more, you provide. Your work is complex, time-sensitive and critical, and it never stops — it can’t.

Our work is to move you forward through a promise to treat your business as our own.

That promise means:

  • Accountability during the everyday and unrelenting commitment during the not-so-everyday.
  • Experts alongside you during the first hour of the project, and collaborators you depend on in its eleventh.
  • Relationships grounded in authentic human connection.
  • Flexibility to meet you where you are, adapting our approach to your unique challenges.
  • Transparency that proves your best interest is always our priority.

We are the employee-owners you can rely on in your unstoppable world. Your success is our success, and we don’t rest until you — and your customers — are taken care of.

Border States. For the unstoppable.

At Border States, we believe unstoppable businesses shouldn’t have to go it alone. And as one of the largest 100% employee-owned companies in the United States, we have teams all over the country that supply services and solutions to businesses in the construction, industrial and utility markets.

Our history began in 1952 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where two entrepreneurs wanted to serve the electric utility industry. Since then, Border States has grown into the sixth largest electrical distributor in the United States. You can depend on us for exceptional products, responsive and knowledgeable service, material management solutions and delivery and logistics expertise — no matter the complexity or size of your business objectives.

With 70+ years in the electrical distribution business, our mission and values have always been centered on delivering exceptional service to our customers, building strong business relationships with our vendors and giving back to the communities where we work and live.

We know our customers expect to receive quality products and services, which is why we value the strong, responsible business relationships we have built with our vendor partners, who we rely on heavily to help us deliver on our promise.

Border States is a company comprised of employee-owners who come from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to improving our culture; building an even more diverse, inclusive and equitable organization; and eliminating hurtful discrimination, hatred and racism.

We established a Unity Council in 2020 to help celebrate diversity and promote equity and understanding, so all employee-owners can build a stronger foundation for Border States and beyond. The council​ works closely with our Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to develop strategies and objectives, implement programs, create awareness and educate employee-owners as we work to address the important initiative of diversity, equity and inclusion.