Business Solutions

Business Solutions

E-commerce and mobile solutions

Run your business from anywhere with e-commerce. Check pricing and product availability, see the status of your open orders, view and pay invoices, and place orders 24/7 from anywhere on any device.  

Employee allowance

Enforce your safety standards and meet OSHA requirements by coordinating FR and PPE purchases. Our easy online ordering service lets you track product use by employee, manage accounts including balance changes and control and meet your logo standards.  

Employee invoicing

Whether you want to automate billing or import a file with up-to-date pricing into your estimating software or bookkeeping program, we can provide the information to you in a usable format.  

Part number synchronization

Use your own part numbers for ordering, reporting, receiving and invoicing. Order accuracy is improved so you have fewer order errors and returns to process, which means you not only save time, but you also reduce freight costs.  

Back-office integration

Automate processes for invoices, purchase orders and advance ship notices for accurate pricing, shipping and order documentation. From EDI to shopping through your own procurement system, we offer the most effective means for conducting business.


Your existing system capability Integration Opportunities
Any capability levels
  • Self-service with e-commerce and mobile
  • Virtual warehouse
No back-office system or technology infrastructure
  • Email
  • Fax
Capability to import file into your system
  • Flat file imports and exports
  • XML and PIDX formats

ERP System Required

Your existing system capability Integration Opportunities
ERP system is set up with integrate with another system
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Punchout
ERP system is not set up to integrate with another system
  • Third-party hub