Warehouse management

Warehouse Management

Streamline and simplify your warehouse processes

Automate your warehouse processes, making lost paperwork and data entry errors a thing of the past.


With our warehouse management solutions, you can also collect your material charge-outs, salvage, inventory counts, purchase orders, transfers, material requisitions and receiving with your barcode scanner.

  • Receive an analysis of existing warehouse processes to determine the best use of scanners.
  • Be part of on-site implementation and training for barcode scanners.
  • Take advantage of a warehouse labeling consultation.
  • Process transactions faster with direct integration into iVUE.
  • Have access to ongoing technical support.
  • Utilize serial tracking and reel tracking.



Vend your supplies for secure access around the clock

Get necessary supplies more quickly and easily while controlling access and reducing consumption.

We offer a variety of industrial vending machines to help you control access to your stock items, such as safety glasses, batteries, gloves and much more. This service reduces consumption, optimizes inventory levels, tracks usage by employee, reduces or eliminates stockouts, provides secure, 24/7 access and updates inventory levels in real time.

  • Reduce consumption, waste and hoarding.
  • Have secure inventory storage.
  • Receive email alerts when certain stock levels are reached.
  • Enjoy automated procurement and easily access replenishment tools.
  • Experience less walk-around time.
  • Improve accountability for material use.

Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)


Vendor Managed Inventory

Don’t just keep your shelves full – manage your inventory

Use a bar code scanner or mobile device with internet access to transition your inventory from just-in-case to just-in-time.

  • Experience web-enabled material management.
  • Enjoy multiple device options for data collection.
  • Improve inventory turns.
  • Eliminate unnecessary inventory.
  • Reduce paper with email order confirmations.
  • Reduce freight charges.

On-site staffing



Let us manage your job site material

Build a larger team by partnering with our material management experts at your warehouse, project sites or storage containers.

We have decades of experience in material management. Instead of spending your valuable time managing material, let our experts manage it for you.

  • Increase your manpower without employee expenses.
  • Experience reliable material restocking.
  • Shift your focus to your core business.
  • Have fewer errors, returns and credits to process.
  • Gain access to your supplier’s expertise in areas of warehouse logistics and sourcing.
  • Increase your productivity.

Material storage

Job Site

Boxes and Carts

Secure and insured off-site storage

Reduce on-site material handling with off-site project material storage in a secure and insured storage facility.

  • Reduce labor costs on nonvalue-add activities.
  • Have secure off-site storage, reducing the chances of material loss and shrinkage.
  • Achieve more efficient and organized space for job sites with limited space.
  • Eliminate the tasks of receiving material and filing for material shortages or freight damage.
  • Allow charging for stored material on large construction projects.

Material staging



Delivery based on your work schedule and project plans

Minimize job site damage and reduce shrinkage by having materials delivered based on your work schedule and project plans.

We work with you to procure and deliver material based on your work schedule and project plans, ensuring you have the right material available when and where you need it. Organizing delivery by your project cycle means you get your material when you actually need it.

  • Reduce material congestion, shrinkage, damage and loss.
  • Unlock greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Save floor space.
  • Keep crews focused on tasks by eliminating the need to receive material.
  • Reduce labor costs through improved planning and scheduling.



One part number is all it takes

Order one line item and receive a complete bill of materials using one unique customer number.

Kitting from Border States can provide huge time savings for crews in the field by having material packaged together and, in some cases, preassembled for the specific task or job. This service is useful for preventative maintenance and downtime projects, project staging and transmission and distribution projects (among others).

  • Enjoy easier and faster ordering, which is especially great for repeat orders.
  • Experience fewer errors.
  • Simplify the recordkeeping process.
  • Use less warehouse space when you don’t need to stock each component.
  • Lower processing and handling costs.
  • Reduce packaging waste and disposal.

Job site trailers

Job Site


Job site trailers not only store your materials, they can be specifically configured for certain work areas, allowing you to work out of the elements. They can be outfitted with GPS tracking that ensures exact location capability.

Material where you need it, when you need it.

Managing material on the job site can be a challenge. Job site trailers from Border States help you manage the materials required for large, multiphase projects so your projects are completed on time and on budget.

They are delivered fully loaded with the materials your crews need and are replenished as your material requirements change.

Learn how you can lower your costs for labor, warehousing, material handling, receiving and transportation.

Our trailers are outfitted with GPS tracking that not only ensures exact location, but also acts as a security measure.

Other benefits include:

  • Well-lit and organized inventory
  • Bar-coded item locations
  • Inventory management using min/max stock levels
  • Detailed job expense tracking
  • Updated product mix as job phases change


Tracking 3392171

Rental T103

Tracking 3392172

Rental T101


T103 Trailer 48’ or 53’ with racking and steps

Rental Fee Trailer 48’ or 53’ with racking and steps

T101 Trailer Cargo 16’, 20’ or 24’ with racking

Rental Fee Trailer Cargo 16’, 20’ or 24’ with racking

Job site containers

Job Site


Job site containers provide the benefit of ground-level access to materials with forklift-accessible roll-up doors.

Secure your assets at outdoor and seasonal projects

Keep your materials safe, dry and secure with stationary job site containers from Border States. Our job site containers provide ground level access to materials with forklift-accessible roll-up doors.

Use our job site containers to help you manage materials for large, multiphase projects. They act as an extension of your warehouse, allowing you to have supplies close to the point of use.

  • Keep materials clean, dry and secure
  • Many options for material configuration
  • Efficient, organized material handling for sites with limited space
  • Less mobile providing heightened security
Number 20’ Conex Container – Bulk
Tracking 3392162 C102 Conex Container 20 ft. Bulk
Rental C102 Rental Fee Conex Container 20 ft. Bulk


Number 20’ Conex Container – Roll-up Door
Tracking 3392163 C101 Conex Container 20 ft. Roll-up Door
Rental C101 Rental Fee Conex Container 20 ft. Roll-up Door


Number 40’ Conex Container – Bulk
Tracking 3392164 C104 Conex Container 40 ft. Bulk
Rental C104 Rental Fee Conex Container 40 ft. Bulk


Number 40’ Conex Container – Roll-up Door
Tracking 3392165 C103 Conex Container 40 ft. Roll-up Door
Rental C103 Rental Fee Conex Container 40 ft. Roll-up Door

Job site boxes and carts

Job Site

Boxes and Carts

For Convenient Access at the point of use, job site boxes and carts can be easily moved throughout the project site

Material at the point of install

Keep your electricians focused on the installation with secure, convenient access to materials right at the point of install.

  • Keep your site clean of parts and debris
  • Boxes and carts can be locked, reducing the chance of inventory shrinkage
  • Crews no longer have to leave the site for material replenishment
  • Visually inspect inventory levels for easy replenishment

Lifting Eye Bolts 

Four lifting eye bolts included for rigging 


Durable Construction 

Rugged, durable construction; heavy-duty powder coated steel. More stability than traditional clam-shell boxes to reduce tipping  


High Load Capacity 

5,000-pound capacity 


Asset Protection 

High security lock to guard assets from theft 


Easy Transport 

Four pockets are crane lift-tested for safety and assist when loading and transporting to long distances at job site 


Easy Maneuvering 

Push bars on opposite sides 


Travels Anywhere 

Smooth-riding, heavy-duty 6” casters simplify transport 


Versatile Doors 

Four doors – two on each side- position the room center for easy access to material and reduced steps 

Inventory Storage Box

  • Adjustable shelves in 3” increments
  • Higher capacity than clamshell style boxes
  • Solid steel doors for protection from the elements
Number 4-Door Job Box, 32” wide x 60” long x 58” high
Tracking 3404422 BC108 Four-door Job Box
Rental BC108 Rental Fee Four-door Job Box


Shark Cage

  • Can be used to transport unpacked can lights
    • Removable doors accommodate oversize items
    • Mesh sides provide easy product identification


Number Shark Cage Job Box, 32” wide x 60” long x 58” high
Tracking 3404420 BC113 Shark Cage Job Box
Rental BC133 Rental Fee Shark Cage Job Box

Light Fixture Carts

  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • Two locking swivel casters and two rigid swivel casters
  • Removable locking bar on each side
  • Vinyl edging on shelves to protect light fixtures
  • Heavy-duty formed steel construction


  Number Light Fixture Cart
Tracking 3404423 BC109 Light Fixture Cart
Rental BC109 Rental Fee Light Fixture Cart