Employee Allowance

Border States’ online service, Employee Allowance, will help you meet OSHA’s FR and PPE requirements. This program is designed to assist employers and employees coordinate flame-resistant (FR), personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases, and other employer designated purchases. Employers utilize their BSE e-commerce account and set budget allowances for employees to buy these products. Employees are then assigned a login to buy their gear using this allowance set by their employer.

Employee Allowance features:

  • Online compliance management in accordance with your company’s standards
  • Track product utilization by employee
  • Manage the details of your accounts, including a declining balance account program
  • Easy online ordering process
  • Easy return/exchange policy
  • And more.

As a Manager, how do I manage allowances?

As an EA User, how do I make a purchase?

Can my company have more than one Employee Allowance Manager?

Yes. An employer can designate as many mangers as needed

Can my BSE Account Manager be an Employee Allowance Manager for my company?

Yes BSE Account managers can be designated as EA managers for your company to support your process.

Can I give a one time bonus to an employee without affecting my annual company allowance cap?

Yes. This would need to be done manually by our support team. email support@borderstates.com for more info.

Where is the sound on the videos?

The pilot videos above have been made for quick video help at launch. When a better production quality video with sound is complete we will replace them.

Introduction to Employee Allowance

*note legacy video contains screenshots of the legacy site. Refer to how-to videos above for visual demo of the new borderstates.com 

How do I give feedback and get support for EA?

Fill out my online form.