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Committed to Community Reinvestment

Border States Invests In Its Communities


Our company is entirely owned by over 2,500 employees, so we take community support very seriously.

We value the lives and well-being of our neighbors and those who may not have the resources we have. That’s why we actively serve our communities through clean-up projects, coaching and mentoring, and community service groups.

Our employee-owners often participate in philanthropic foundations, church groups, service groups, youth groups and educational organizations. And we frequently donate money and volunteer our time to help qualified charitable organizations.

We’re always ready to lend a helping hand for members of our communities to make the places where we live and work even better. Whether it’s company-wide or specific to our branch locations—we make sure our impact on the community is strong, active and responsible.

“I am proud to be an employee-owner of a company that gives back to the communities where it does business. It’s important for everyone to be an active member, including local businesses, because it’s vital to the growth, development and betterment of the community.” -Laura Klimek, Staff Accountant, Fargo, North Dakota

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