Focusing on Heavy-duty Industrial Results

Automation, manufacturing and original equipment manufacturers have trusted us for decades—our specialists help them choose the right solutions for their individual applications. Food and beverage, material handling, packaging, process control and more. And we have the technical support and training to get the job done.

More than industrial-grade products

With our 24/7 emergency assistance and supplier quality control solutions, we help our industrial manufacturing customers cut costs while optimizing their supply chains.

Border States Covers Your Industrial Needs

Cut Shrinkage with Vending Material Management and Logistics

Our customers reduce their on-hand inventory and increase their warehouse space with our industrial vending machine services. We fill these machines with the products our customers need and deliver them on a customized schedule. So they can track what material their employees use—and when they use it—to efficiently cut shrinkage and increase productivity.

Safety and Identification Products to Stay a Step Ahead

Personal protection equipment to avoid personal injury. Inspection meters to ensure safe working environments. Our industrial manufacturing customers’ needs are covered.