Job site boxes and carts

Job Site

Boxes and Carts

For Convenient Access at the point of use, job site boxes and carts can be easily moved throughout the project site

Material at the point of install

Keep your electricians focused on the installation with secure, convenient access to materials right at the point of install.

  • Keep your site clean of parts and debris
  • Boxes and carts can be locked, reducing the chance of inventory shrinkage
  • Crews no longer have to leave the site for material replenishment
  • Visually inspect inventory levels for easy replenishment

Lifting Eye Bolts 

Four lifting eye bolts included for rigging 


Durable Construction 

Rugged, durable construction; heavy-duty powder coated steel. More stability than traditional clam-shell boxes to reduce tipping  


High Load Capacity 

5,000-pound capacity 


Asset Protection 

High security lock to guard assets from theft 


Easy Transport 

Four pockets are crane lift-tested for safety and assist when loading and transporting to long distances at job site 


Easy Maneuvering 

Push bars on opposite sides 


Travels Anywhere 

Smooth-riding, heavy-duty 6” casters simplify transport 


Versatile Doors 

Four doors – two on each side- position the room center for easy access to material and reduced steps 

Inventory Storage Box

  • Adjustable shelves in 3” increments
  • Higher capacity than clamshell style boxes
  • Solid steel doors for protection from the elements
Number 4-Door Job Box, 32” wide x 60” long x 58” high
Tracking 3404422 BC108 Four-door Job Box
Rental BC108 Rental Fee Four-door Job Box


Shark Cage

  • Can be used to transport unpacked can lights
    • Removable doors accommodate oversize items
    • Mesh sides provide easy product identification


Number Shark Cage Job Box, 32” wide x 60” long x 58” high
Tracking 3404420 BC113 Shark Cage Job Box
Rental BC133 Rental Fee Shark Cage Job Box

Light Fixture Carts

  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • Two locking swivel casters and two rigid swivel casters
  • Removable locking bar on each side
  • Vinyl edging on shelves to protect light fixtures
  • Heavy-duty formed steel construction


  Number Light Fixture Cart
Tracking 3404423 BC109 Light Fixture Cart
Rental BC109 Rental Fee Light Fixture Cart