Job site trailers

Job site trailers not only store your materials, they can be specifically configured for certain work areas, allowing you to work out of the elements. They can be outfitted with GPS tracking that ensures exact location capability.

Material where you need it, when you need it.

Managing material on the job site can be a challenge. Job site trailers from Border States help you manage the materials required for large, multiphase projects so your projects are completed on time and on budget.

They are delivered fully loaded with the materials your crews need and are replenished as your material requirements change.

Learn how you can lower your costs for labor, warehousing, material handling, receiving and transportation.

Our trailers are outfitted with GPS tracking that not only ensures exact location, but also acts as a security measure.

Other benefits include:

  • Well-lit and organized inventory
  • Bar-coded item locations
  • Inventory management using min/max stock levels
  • Detailed job expense tracking
  • Updated product mix as job phases change

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