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Border States welcomes 17 interns for summer 2019

border states internship
NOTE: Four interns were not present for this photo.

On May 20, Border States welcomed 17 people to our 2019 summer internship program, a fun and engaging opportunity that has been proven to help interns develop professional skills with real-world experience in teamwork, time management and interpersonal communication.

Each intern will spend 80 to 90 percent of their time during the three-month summer experience working within a specific department. The Border States interns will also participate in multiple community service events and professional development trainings, as well as present on their experience at the end of the summer.

The Border States internship program is designed to engage future talent, as well as help interns build professional networking contacts and mentor relationships.

Meet the interns

  • Amy Sawyer, IT Systems Analyst Intern
  • Connor Knudsen, Market Management Intern
  • Dustin Stedman, Procurement Services Intern
  • Hannah Bentley, Market Management Intern
  • Hunter Sczepanski, Data and Analytics Intern
  • Kali Shaw, Video Production Intern
  • Katrina Johnson, Human Resources Intern
  • Logan Wacker, Fargo Branch Intern
  • Peyton Muldoon, Creative Services Writing Intern
  • Suman Pradhan, IT Development Intern
  • Chase Nettum, Content Planning Intern
  • Brooke Bauer, Accounting Intern
  • Travis Swenson, Supply Chain Services Intern
  • Mitch Fischer, IT Technical Services Intern
  • Eduardo Urbano, IT Information Security Intern
  • Mason Slagel, Natural Gas Market Intern
  • Blane Walberg, Engineering Intern

About the Border States Internship Program

Throughout this program, interns engage with employee-owners and are given the opportunity to:

  • Work in a dynamic business structure
  • Engage with senior leadership
  • Participate in company and department projects
  • Attend special training sessions
  • Expand their growth and professional development

Learn more about the Border States internship experience from this video:

About Border States

Border States is the seventh largest electrical distributor in the country. We are a 100 percent employee-owned company, serving customers in the construction, industrial and utility markets.

Electrical distribution is an exciting and rapidly growing industry. Our employee-owners are empowered to meet this dynamic world by being decisive and innovative. We act as owners, solving problems and taking care of customers – because we have a stake in the game.

We’re a great company to work for! For more information about future internship opportunities, email us at careers@borderstates.com.

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