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Why BSE? Enjoy work-life balance

TreavorBorder States appreciates family time

The summit of Maine’s Cadillac Mountain is rumored to be where the sun first shines in the continental U.S. Treavor Peterson and his wife have always thought it would be an amazing sight.

This fall, they’ll finally get to experience it.

While the trip is only for a few days, Peterson will definitely miss his two girls, who will be spending quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. The branch manager is also thinking about the well-being of his employee-owners in Fargo, ND, who will be keeping things running while he’s away.

That’s the great thing about Border States. It’s a family of employee-owners who look after one another, and he knows the branch will be in good hands.

“I’m truly blessed with a great team here,” Peterson says. “When anyone from the branch is out of the office, our team of employee-owners always steps up to make sure we deliver the level of service that our customers expect from us.”

A network of support

Peterson walks through the office, city desk and warehouse areas regularly, making sure operations are running smoothly. But he always makes time to extend a friendly greeting toward anyone and everyone, and there’s a general sense of happiness among him and his colleagues.

From day to day, operations appear seamless – with organized workspaces, clean product displays and efficient team members contributing toward a positive customer atmosphere. Border States truly offers an exceptional supply chain experience, with 93 branches across 18 states working together every day to serve customers from all walks of life.

“There’s definitely a lot of work that goes into providing service excellence to our customers, but when you have employee-owners from across the country who want to work hard and share a commitment to delivering value, it’s very rewarding to see it happen,” Peterson says. “We want to make sure our customers are successful, and leveraging the knowledge and resources throughout our company’s network of branches plays an important part in accomplishing that.”

Additionally, Border States branches regularly share best practices with one another. Tricks of the trade are often posted on the company’s unique intranet site, Borderline, which is also used to recognize team members who have gone above and beyond to help their co-workers and customers.

Make a difference in the world around you

Peterson can’t help but smile in amazement at the fact that Border States provides materials that are shaping the world.

“For example, lineman are making infrastructure available for you and I to be able to charge our phones, keep our refrigerators running, and enjoy other necessities we can sometimes take for granted,” he says. “We can drive around our communities to see different projects we’ve been a part of and the positive impact those projects are having on the community.”

Make no mistake – the people working here are making a difference. They’re truly Border States’ greatest resource.

“You should enjoy who you work with and love what you do,” Peterson says. “Since joining Border States, I’ve found a passion in the work we do here at the Fargo branch and across the Border States family.”