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Why BSE? Everyone plays an important part

Sarah DalyYou help shape our culture

Sarah Daly loves to bake elaborate pastries. It’s a hobby that allows her to create something unique for a specific individual, event or occasion – to show that she cares.

For the last nine months, she’s delivered that same level of care within Border States’ branch in Brooklyn Park, MN. Daly adds a dash of creativity to every project she touches, and she enjoys rallying her fellow employee-owners to do the same.

“Being part of a fun team that cares about one another and works hard is the icing on the cake,” says Daly, Project Manager. “It’s going that extra step and knowing that what you’re creating is helping someone.”

Whether it’s raising money for the Toys for Tots Foundation, or finding new and innovative ways to deliver services and solutions to customers near and far, Daly has fun at work.

A great place to build your career

Daly, who has her bachelor’s in communications from University of North Dakota, started at Border States’ Branch Support Center in Fargo, ND. She had previously worked for United Way, and always enjoyed connecting with Border States employee-owners during their many events.

When a job opportunity became available within the company, Daly had no idea she would find a new passion for streamlining communications between customers, project managers, vendor partners, manufacturers and employee-owners. She would eventually extend those skills to Brooklyn Park.

“Everyone told me I would love working at a branch, and they were right,” Daly says. “I help make sure there’s a clear line of communication going from, ‘This is what the customer wants,’ to ‘This is what the customer gets,’ and ‘This is when it arrives.’”

Daly appreciates the institutional knowledge that exists at her location. She’s never afraid to ask questions to learn more about the electrical distribution industry.

Daly also enjoys helping manage special events that help Border States’ customers and vendors succeed. Some recent projects she’s had fun working on have involved local educational institutions.

“It’s neat to know there are different projects we’re involved in that are part of people’s everyday lives,” she says.

Be part of a growing company

As Daly continues to learn more about the electrical distribution industry, she brings a valued perspective to our growing company. Considering her area of study, Daly never thought she’d be working for Border States – but our company welcomes multiple trades.

“There are so many skills that fit in at Border States,” Daly says. “I’ve been able to tailor my career based on what I’m good at. You don’t get to do that everywhere.”

Employee-owners’ vast areas of expertise have been instrumental in making Border States the nearly $2 billion company it is. Plus, our exceptional employee stock-ownership plan (ESOP) gives everyone a voice and sense of ownership.

“I feel like being an employee-owner changes everyone’s outlook on how they produce their work because you have a stake in the game,” Daly says, adding it’s been fun to see the financial rewards of employee-ownership pay off for her colleagues. “When people get to retire to Hawaii, that’s amazing.”

Our company also offers other great benefits, such as health, vision and dental insurance. When Daly sustained a brain injury during an intense car accident, her insurance benefits were crucial to her recovery. It was also nice to have a supportive work family by her side.

“I was so lucky to have a supervisor and team that made sure me and my responsibilities were well taken care of during recovery,” she says.

We want you on our team

Ultimately, Daly enjoys working for a great team – one built on support and mutual respect.

“It’s a big deal when you can trust your co-workers and have everyone’s back,” she says. “We want one another to do well. All employee-owners play a part.”

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