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Why BSE? Family comes first

LaRae FerreiraA business that values family

It’s another bustling day at the Border States branch in Brooklyn Park, MN. LaRae Ferreira is 16 days from retirement, and she runs through a checklist of exciting plans for her next life chapter.

  • Plan my son’s high school graduation celebration.
  • Explore new ways of cooking.
  • Start a garden plot.
  • Travel with my husband.
  • RELAX.

But, there’s one goal that stands above the rest. “I’m looking forward to spending time with family,” says Ferreira, Customer Service Supervisor.

Border States fosters a culture of work-life balance – one that gives employee-owners the chance to spend time with their loved ones. During Ferreira’s 32 years at the company, she’s had the flexibility to be there for her two sons, whom she and her husband adopted from Russia.

“I’ve been very fortunate because my supervisors have always been very supportive of family,” Ferreira says. “If you need to watch your kids play basketball, attend a school conference, or work from home when a child is sick, Border States always gives you the time you need. Family comes first here.”

Find your workplace family

Over the years, Ferreira began to realize Border States is more than a workplace.

“This place is like a family,” Ferreira says. “I’m going to miss my co-workers and customers when I retire. These people become more to you – you get to know their kids and spouses. It’s interesting to see the friendships evolve.”

What it means to be an employee-owner

Much of Ferreira’s satisfaction in working at Border States came from working with people. She enjoys keeping customers happy and having a voice in key business initiatives for the company.

“Being an employee-owner is very important because it gives you the authority and opportunity to continually improve the company,” Ferreira says. “There’s a joy that comes from working at Border States.”

Plus, employee-owners are part of Border States’ 100 percent employee stock-ownership plan (ESOP). It’s another aspect of ownership that drives our mission and culture.

“I think our ESOP is phenomenal,” Ferreira says. “All the benefits here are really good, especially the healthcare. Border States also gives you the resources you need to be successful at your job.”

Multiple career opportunities

Border States is a $2 billion company – and continues to grow. With that growth comes many job opportunities in various fields. Ferreira says Border States is a great place for those professionals to experience quality training and work experience.

“If you’re a young person joining Border States, the opportunities are endless right now,” she says. “There are all kinds of new jobs that didn’t exist when I started working here. The sky is the limit”

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