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Why BSE? Shape your future

Stephanie GreenOwn your destiny

When Stephanie Green looks at each of the employee-owners on her team, she sees what her predecessors saw in her – a future leader. That’s why she walks each one through their own personal and professional development.

“At Border States, you own your future, and it’s not just a corporate structure where you’re stuck where you’re at until your supervisor decides you’re ready to move into a different role,” says Green, Border States Branch Operations Supervisor in Amarillo, TX. “You’re in charge of your own destiny here. You can set yourself up to be the obvious choice for the next promotion.”

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Learn all aspects of the company

Green has worked in the supply chain world for 10 years, starting as a Lighting Quotation Specialist and working her way up. That’s what’s different about Border States; as an employee-owner, there are many opportunities to grow and advance within the company.

For Green, it all started with Border States’ unique Distribution Leadership Program, which allows leadership trainees to work in almost every area of the company, starting at the warehouse level. The two-year program involves hard work and often visiting multiple branch locations, but Green says it’s a fun and worthwhile experience.

“It’s so rewarding to see I’m actually making an impact within Border States,” she says. “When you do well as an employee-owner, it doesn’t mean that just people at a corporate office do well. No, it means, as a company, our stock grows and our value grows, and our outside interest grows.”

Join a fun team, create awesome customer relationships

Each day is different for Green, but one thing is always the same – her team goes above and beyond to help customers. If there’s a surprise order of 20 pallets, they pull together to make it happen – and they have a blast. The culture at Border States is one of camaraderie and support.

“It’s very much a team atmosphere out here, and I love that,” she says. “I was very proud of my team when they recently came together to fill that 20-pallet order.”

Amarillo Group
Stephanie Green and her employee-owners stand next to items they donated to the Salvation Army.

Be open to learn and ready to lead

Green’s favorite part of the job is the coaching sessions she holds with her team members. She makes sure support is always available, and she cares about making work fun.

“We have some people in this branch who I definitely see as potential leaders,” she says. “As an employee-owner, what you put into your job, you can get back five-fold.”

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