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Let’s thank our brave linemen and linewomen

“Electricity powers the world around us – from our smartphones, to the appliances in our homes, to manufacturing plants. Most of us take electricity for granted. Few think about the individuals who keep the power on or bring it back on after an outage. 2014 Tammy Miller

Border States is proud to honor those who face extreme heights, long hours, treacherous weather and miles of live wire – all for the sake of powering our world.

We’re currently sharing our Legends on the Line social media series, which stretches from National Lineman Appreciation Day (April 18) to Lineworker Appreciation Day (July 10) in honor of the brave linemen and linewomen who go above and beyond to power our world.

Please, take a moment to share a special message with our global community of these amazing men and women by using #LegendsOnTheLine and #ThankALineman on social media, or just by thanking one of them in person.

Our daily lives would be incredibly different without these courageous professionals. Thank you to all linemen and linewomen for keeping the power on.”

Tammy Miller, Border States CEO

Through our Legends on the Line campaign, Border States also helps support National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen, an organization that’s been helping the families of fallen lineworkers since 2012.