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Why BSE? We care about you

Danielle BlanckYour wellness is paramount

Danielle Blanck and her team of more than 20 employee-owners start each day the same way many of Border States’ contractor customers do – by getting together as a group to stretch.

“I’m hoping to continue that morning tradition,” says Blanck, Border States Branch Operations Supervisor in Topeka, KS. “We saw there was an opportunity to improve our safety practices, and it’s just a great way for our group to team-build and socialize. It’s really good to know Border States cares about our well-being.”

That sort of culture exists throughout Border States’ more than 100 locations across the U.S. Camaraderie is strong, people enjoy doing activities together, co-workers feel like family, and your wellness is priority No. 1.

Learn more about how Border States promotes health initiatives through the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Healthy Blue program.

Find your niche

A Topeka native, Blanck has been in the electrical distribution industry for nearly 10 years. Holding a business degree, and having started off as a receptionist, she never imagined she’d fall in love with this line of work.

But she did.

“It’s been awesome to see my career turn out the way it has,” Blanck says. “I’m so glad I’ve stayed with this company.”

In her day-to-day, Blanck makes sure everyone has the resources they need to provide excellent customer service. A big part of that involves processing customer orders in a timely manner.

“Whether it’s our employee-owners or customers, I just like helping people when they need something,” Blanck says.

Access unique training opportunities

Blanck thrives as an employee-owner because Border States provides her with the training she needs to be successful at her job. She enjoys fun and insightful trainings through the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), as well as other organizations. She’s excited to attend an Integrity Coaching training in June.

“There are so many training opportunities Border States provides,” she says. “Plus, it’s not just sitting in a classroom, listening to someone go on and on. They get you involved. It’s a fun learning environment, which is awesome.”

The employee-owner voice is valued

For Blanck, being an employee-owner means taking the initiative to bring about positive results, as well as being accountable for those results. Ultimately, she’s thankful Border States listens to her and others when it comes to shaping the company’s future.

“Border States actually listens to employee-owners, which is so great,” she says. “I just love how Border States treats us.”

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