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Decora® Digital Controls with Bluetooth® Technology Product Bulletin

Features, specifications and drawings for lighting control in the palm of your hand.
Leviton Product Bulletin for Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth Technology

Product Bulletin for
Decora® Digital Controls with Bluetooth® Technology
Dim and Time Lighting via App
The next generation of lighting control technology is here with the new Decora® Digital
Dimmer and Digital Switch with Bluetooth® technology. These innovative devices work
using the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App that can be easily downloaded to smartphones or tablets and paired to the Leviton Dimmer or Switch using Bluetooth technology. Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth technology provide local control within a 30 foot* range
without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection, bridging the gap between
traditional dimmers and whole-house automation systems.
Decora Digital Dimmer – a powerful device combining the best of Leviton dimmer and timer functions with today’s technology. Just use your smartphone or tablet to control, adjust and time lighting for daily activities or to ensure a “lived-in” look while away.
Decora Digital Switch – users enjoy the combined functions of a standard wall switch and a countdown or programmable timer switch in one attractive device. Using the app to set timer functions makes it quick and easy to control lights.
Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App – compatible with Apple and Android smartphones or tablets; offers simple, intuitive on-screen menu options to independently control dimmers and switches within a 30 foot range.
Decora Digital Devices are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home
offices, outdoors or anywhere full control of lighting is desired.
Lighting Control in the palm of your hand.
Features and Benefits
Dimensional Drawings
* 30 foot Bluetooth range: Range may vary depending on specific conditions of installation, configuration of walls, obstacles and other factors.
New design for contemporary style
Control manually or using free iOS or Android app
Bluetooth compatibility provides local control within a
30 foot* range
Each device can be named for easy identification
App is used for all programming of dimmer and timer functions
Flexibility to program timed events weekdays, weekends or any combination of days at set or random times
Astronomical clock, automatically set through connection with smart device, adjusts to local sunrise/sunset times
Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
Countdown sleep timer can be set for up to 12 hours
LED locator light can be turned off via app
Superior versatility provides six product options in each box
– 3 changeable face plates
– Single pole, 3-way/multi-location
Gloss finish complements any décor
Compatible with Decora and Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates
Remotes available for 3-way/multi-location control
– Dimmer:
DD00R-DL Dual Voltage Matching Dimmer Remote
– Switch:
DD0SR-DL Dual Voltage Matching Switch Remote
DD0SR-01 Coordinating Switch Remote
Meets all applicable UL, CSA and FCC requirements
Limited 5-year warranty
Offers both dimming and timer functions for the associated load
Digital circuitry provides soft on and fade off and full range dimming
Program fade on and fade off rates
Dimmer brightness display can be turned off
Preset light level option automatically turns lights on to set level each use
Ability to set maximum light level for energy savings
Set low end dimming range for select LED lamps to optimize
dimming performance
Matching remote available for 3-way applications; tracks LEDs from dimmer
Compatible with LED, CFL, Incandescent, Halogen, or Mark 10®
Powerline loads
Neutral wire required for installation
Rechargeable battery keeps time during temporary power outages
Neutral wire required for installation
Typical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range – 0°C – 40°C
Storage Temperature Range – 10°C – 85°C
Relative Humidity – 0% – 98%
Agency Standards and Compliance
Complies with UL 1472
FCC Listing Part 15 and Part 18
Bluetooth SIG Certification
Complies with UL 917
CSA Certified to Standard 177
Bluetooth SIG Certification
Title 24 Compliant
1.7544.45 4.13104.90 3.8196.82 3.2883.34 2.7469.68 1.4035.55 0.358.80 0.256.25
3.2883.34 3.8196.82 4.13104.90 2.1253.95 1.4336.42 2.7469.70 0.358.80 DDMX1
Wiring Diagrams
DimmerBlackLoadHot (Black)BlackLine120 VAC,60HzNeutral (White)RedYellow/RedWhiteWhiteGreenGroundHot (Black)Neutral (White)DimmerMatching Remote (w/LEDs)YL/RDRedYellow/RedWHBKBlackBlackWhiteLine120VAC, 60Hz GreenGroundGreenGroundWhiteLoadDimmerBlackLoadHot (White)(Black)Neutral (White)DimmerMatching Remote (w/LEDs)YL/RDRedYellow/RedWHBKBlackBlackWhiteLine120VAC, 60Hz GreenGroundGreenGroundWhiteLoad
Single Pole
Cat. No. DDMX1 (Neutral connection required)
Single Pole
Cat. No. DDS15 (Neutral connection required)
Hot (Black)Neutral (White)LoadSwitchBKBlackWhiteRDGreenGroundYL/RDLine120/277VAC, 60Hz WHGreenGroundGreenGroundHot (Black)Neutral (White)Coordinating Remote (no LED)YL/RDYL/RDRDWHRDBKBlackBKWHWhiteLine120/277VAC60Hz (unused)(unused)LoadSwitchHot (Black)Neutral (White)LoadSwitchBKBlackWhiteRDGreenGroundYL/RDLine120/277VAC, 60Hz WHGreenGroundGreenGroundHot (Black)Neutral (White)Coordinating Remote (no LED)YL/RDYL/RDRDWHRDBKBlackBKWHWhiteLine120/277VAC60Hz (unused)(unused)LoadSwitchHot (Black)Neutral (White)LoadYL/RDYL/RDRDBKBlackWhiteLine 120/277 VAC60HzWHBKWHMatching Remote (w/LED)SwitchGreenGroundGreenGroundRD(unused)
Ordering Information
Cat. No.
Decora 1000W Digital Dimmer
with Bluetooth® technology
1000W Incandescent, 450W LED/CFL,
1000 VA Mark 10® Powerline, 1000VA MLV
Decora Digital Switch
with Bluetooth® technology, Dual Voltage
15A, 120/277VAC,
1/2 HP Motor
Decora Digital Dual Voltage Matching Dimmer Remote
120/277VAC, 60Hz
Decora Digital Dual Voltage Matching Switch Remote
120/277VAC, 60Hz
Decora Digital Coordinating Switch Remote
120VAC, 60Hz
Decora Digital Color Change Kit for Dimmers
W, I, T, G, E, B
Decora Digital Color Change Kit for Switch
W, I, T, G, E, B
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Decora Digital Controls come packaged with three colors. Products with suffix (-Z) include White, Ivory and Light Almond.
Color Change Kits are available in the following colors: White (-W), Ivory (-I), Light Almond (-T), Gray (-G), Black (-E) and Brown (-B).
Download the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App
0.800 in1.000 inDecora DigitalDimmer & TimerDownload App
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