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Innovations for Utilities and Their Customers

Products utility customers can use to connect with their utility.
Innovations for Utilities and Their Customers

Authorized distributor
Smartgrid Solutions
Innovations for utilities
and their customers.
In-Home Display (IHD)
The In Home Display (IHD) lets utility customers track
their energy usage in chart or graph form based upon kwH
used. Screens are customizable to provide any type of
energy awareness information that a customer may require
including carbon footprint data, total energy consumption,
and comparative analysis with typical energy use. The IHD’s
environmentally-friendly internal backup battery notifies
homeowners of power outages or remote disconnect. The large
graphic energy display can change color as energy prices or
events change. It can receive custom real-time messages from
the utility company regarding billing, energy prices, and more.
The IHD is portable, or can be wall-mounted.
Energy usage view displays
information on kwH
used per hour or per day.
The LCM view allows for
monitoring and control of
high load devices.
View thermostats, adjust
setpoints, and see live
ZigBee® signal strength.
Approvals UL · UL-C · FCC · IC · IEC · CE
The IHD’s LCD display color changes to indicate tier and real-time kwH price.
Leviton Part# 81A00-1WHSHS-EP
BSE Part# 3167623
Power via isolated plug-in power supply
or internal rechargeable battery.
Authorized distributor
Load Control Modules
Utility customers can now control a wide variety of high
consumption devices, such as water heaters, pool pumps,
and air conditioners, for use in smart grid deployments. LCMs
are perfect for time-of-use and demand response programs.
LCMs on air conditioning units include current measuring,
which senses the status of the load and allows for measure
and display of current consumption. Additional features
include very low power consumption and a compact size.
The Indoor Plug-In LCM serves small appliance and lighting
applications and can function as a repeater for ZigBee®
systems, extending the range of control for sheddable loads.
LCMs can be controlled remotely by the utility company or
by the homeowner via an Internet connection. They can also
be controlled locally using the Omnistat2 Programmable
Communicating Thermostat (PCT) or In-Home Display (IHD).
More Leviton Smartgrid Solutions at
Leviton Part# 73A00-4SHP
BSE Part# 3167617
Leviton Part# 73A00-3SHP
BSE Part# Contact Us
Leviton Part# 89A00-1SHP
BSE Part# Contact Us
Dimensions 4”x 4.5”x 2” 4”x 4.5”x 2” 2”x 3”x 1.25”
Load 30A 5A 15A
Power Rating Universal 96-250VAC and 50/60Hz Universal 96-250VAC and 50/60Hz 120VAC 60Hz
Communications Wireless: FlexNet and ZigBee® Wireless: FlexNet and ZigBee® Wireless: ZigBee®
Application Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Approvals UL · UL-C · FCC · IC · IEC · CE UL · UL-C · FCC · IC · IEC · CE UL · UL-C · FCC · IC · IEC · CE
The Omnistat2 Programmable Communicating Thermostat
(PCT) allows utilities to combine the display capabilities
of an IHD and the load control capabilities of a LCM in one
device. For the utility, the Omnistat2 provides reliable
and load shedding for demand response applications
that can be customized for specific load profiles. For the
consumer, the Omnistat2 has all of the information about
usage and price from the utility along with a programmable
thermostat that saves money.
Standard Demand Response
Featuring customizable user
messaging capability
Approvals UL · UL-C · FCC · IC · IEC · CE
The Omnistat2 features variants for multiple applications.
Leviton Part# RC-2000WHSHP RC-1500WHSHP RC-1000WHSHP
BSE Part# 3167700 Contact Us 3167692
Single-stage heat/cool
Heat pump
Multi-stage heat pump
Multi-stage heat conventional
A full range of Omnistat2 accessories are readily available:
Leviton Part# 23A00-1 BSE Part# 3167508 Surface Mount Remote Indoor Temp Sensor
Leviton Part# 23A00-2 BSE Part# 3167509 Flush mount Remote Indoor Temp Sensor
Leviton Part# 29A00-1 BSE Part# 3167513 Thermostat Isolation Module
Leviton Part# 30A00-2 BSE Part# 3167515 Thermostat Power Supply Module
Leviton Part# 65A18-1 BSE Part# 3167607 Omnistat2 Trim Ring
The Omnistat2’s LCD display color changes to indicate tier and real-time kwH price.
Messages Energy Meter Setback Price Load Control
Smartgrid Solutions
Innovations for utilities
and their customers.
Leviton’s Smartgrid Solutions
function as a complete network.
Leviton offers a full suite of Home Area Network (HAN) products
through Border States including In-Home Displays (IHD), Load Control
Modules (LCM), and Programmable Communicating Thermostats
(PCT) designed to use ZigBee® Smart Energy and other RF network
technologies for communication. These products are designed for
Time of Use, AC Load Management, Peak Time Rebate, and Energy
Awareness programs for utility companies interested in smart grid
and tailoring load profiles for best use of assets.
Authorized distributor
Smartgrid Solutions
20-1848 (2014-10)
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