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Maintenance, Repair, Operations and Safety

Border States is a supply chain solutions powerhouse that delivers all the
maintenance, repair and operations products and services you need, where you
need them—
when you need them. Our products, services and technical support
keep your operation running smoothly and effi ciently.
Our products and services are designed for industries such as; manufacturing,
mining, energy transmission and distribution, commercial
and municipal service. Our goal is to deliver solutions that help
you meet your goals.
Border Sates
will work with you to:
• Consolidate and reduce your vendor base
• Increase
• Decrease downtime
• Improve
the safety of your work environment
• Lower overall total costs
We help you
by focusing on what really matters—improved quality, effi ciency and
safety. We listen to your needs and then customize solutions specifi cally for your
Contact us today to let us show you how our solutions can streamline your
supply chain, reduce expenses, increase effi ciency and deliver measurable
bottom line results. We invest in knowledgeable and competent people, up-todate
systems and technology, equipment and facilities. Our focus is on total cost
reduction, and we deliver.