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Standby and Portable Generators

From storm outages to outdoor entertaining to construction sites, keep the power on with standby and portable generators from Border States. We’ll help you find the right generator to meet your needs.
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Maintenance, Repair, Operations and Safety

Border States is a supply chain solutions powerhouse that delivers all the maintenance, repair and operations products and services you need, where you need them— when you need them. Our products, services and technical support keep your operation running smoothly and effi ciently. SHARED SUCCESS Our products and services are designed for industries such as; […]
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SouthWest Automation Buzz

Rockwell Automation Product Updates, Event news, and contact information for the SouthWest Region: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas
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Safety Catalog

Because your safety matters, we now have an easy-to-use catalog for you to find all the safety products you need—get your downloaded or printed copy today.
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UTP Connecting Hardware

Attenuation / Next Loss Frequency (MHz) Category 3 (dB) Category 4 (dB) Category 5 (dB) 1.0 0.4/58 0.1/65 0.1/65 4.0 0.4/46 0.1/58 0.1/65 8.0 0.4/40 0.1/52 0.1/62 10.0 0.4/38 0.1/50 0.1/60 16.0 0.4/34 0.2/46 0.2/56 20.0 0.2/44 0.2/54 25.0 0.2/52 31.25 0.2/50 62.5 0.3/44 100.0 0.4/40
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