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Horry County Schools MBHS Auditorium



LED retrofit with OSRAM lighting control system

Total material cost


Five-year savings


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Return on investment


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Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Horry County School’s MBHS Auditorium had the original fixtures and lamps from when it was built in the 1980s. Many of the fixtures had failed and were no longer operational. The Sales team at Shealy Electrical Wholesalers — now Border States — was a great resource regarding the state contract.


There was great potential for utility savings, since the primary fixtures to be retrofitted were originally 500 watts and the replacement would only pull up to 92 watts. When paired with an OSRAM lighting control system, that same 92 LED lamp was dimmable, providing energy reduction.

The auditorium ceiling is 40 feet at its tallest point, and the floor is sloped toward the stage. Safety is a huge concern while working on an unlevel surface at these heights. We were able to work on every fixture from underneath. The integration of the old house lighting control system to the new OSRAM system was also cause for concern. The new system used wireless modules and only three control modules had to be hardwired to control these. This made installation quicker and easier than pulling low voltage control wire to each fixture above the ceiling.


The principal, auditorium manager, school staff and students were excited with how the project turned out, and Horry County School will see a reduction in energy usage for this building. The public also uses this space, and there have been several positive comments on how great the new lighting is and how easy it is to operate. The lighting has revitalized the space.