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Kandiyohi Power Cooperative


Total cost



SupplyTrax warehouse management

Estimated hours saved

Over 115 hours per year

Estimated dollars saved

$4,020 per year

Kandiyohi Power Cooperative (KPC) is a member-owned electric cooperative based out of Spicer, Minnesota.

They serve over 8,600 members in four counties, including Kandiyohi, Chippewa, Stearns and Swift. When reviewing their routines, they recognized inefficiencies in their daily material movement and data collection processes. KPC reached out to Border States, asking how we could help make their material management easier.


The first step toward implementing this new program was to organize the warehouse and all material on the shelves. A team of both Border States and KPC employees worked together to clean and organize the space. They identified all material and cross-referenced KPC part numbers to Border States part numbers to print onto the labels. Specific bin locations were assigned to all items, and bar code labels were affixed to the shelves. To make identification even easier, different colored labels were used to separate whether an item was inventoried or expensed. KPC knew they were in good hands because Border States has a proven track record in executing warehouse management implementations.


Since successfully implementing SupplyTrax warehouse management in 2012, KPC has been able to eliminate more than 115 hours per year in redundant data entry. Their warehouse manager retired recently, and because the new application makes for efficient processes, they were able to give more material handling capabilities to their linemen and engineers. They didn’t have to backfill the position, which saved KPC the cost of an additional, full-time employee.