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Keywell Metals McCarter Electric


Wattage reduction

29,366 kW

Fixtures replaced



Cree CXB Fixtures

Cree LS8

Cree Integrated Occupancy Sensors

Leviton OSFHU-ITW Occupancy Sensors

Five-year savings


Rebates and incentives

Duke Energy $17,860


Keywell Metals purchases high temperature alloys and titanium scrap from all over the world. They test and analyze, cut it down, clean it and resell it to other specialty metal companies.

Keywell Metals has expanded its operations into what was formerly Davis Steel in Matthews, North Carolina. The project began in the summer of 2014 when McCarter Electric was contracted for the electrical portion of the job. McCarter, with the help of Shealy Electrical — now Border States — was also able to also obtain the lighting portion of the project.


Keywell Metals’ expansion into Matthews created multiple issues that had to be addressed with the new lighting. The following goals were attained with our help:

  • Tungsten-free fixtures
  • Lighting layouts for production line
  • Lighting layouts for cleaning system
  • Lower maintenance fixtures
  • Utilize available utility rebates

There were multiple challenges that we were able to help McCarter address. The unique nature of the project required that there could be no tungsten in any facility product. Tungsten has a higher melting point than titanium, and if any tungsten got into the product, it would create a void in the metal. This prompted Keywell Metal to purchase only LED fixtures.

We were able to provide sample fixtures and determine the type of lens that would offer the most protection and best light levels.

Keywell Metals was able to replace 400-watt metal halide fixtures with LED highbay fixtures that only consumed 240 watts. They also replaced 8’ T12 fixtures at 173 watts with LED strip lighting that only consumed 88 watts.


The CREE CXB highbays with an acrylic reflector have a 10-year warranty and were used in a majority of the facility. The CREE LS8 strip fixtures were designed for areas with lower ceiling height and have an added Leviton occupancy sensor.


McCarter Electric and our team were able to help Keywell Metals transform the old, 1940s Davis Steel warehouse into a fully-functional and environmentally conscious facility. The difference in the quality of light between the existing fluorescents and the new LEDs is evident and creates a better, safer working environment for Keywell Metals employees.