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North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center


Net project cost


Ten-year savings


Return on investment

1.8 years


RAB WPLED104W Wall Pack

Material and labor cost


Rebates and incentives


The North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center LED upgrade was completed in January 2014. The Aquatic Center is an eight-year-old building with its original lighting.

The existing 52 fixtures were 400-watt metal halide. The annual KWH usage that the metal halide fixtures consumed was over 120,000. Shealy Energy — now Border States — was able to project a drastically lower annual KWH usage at just under 30,000. This reduction will take their annual energy cost from $17,000 to $4,000.


With the end goal of reducing maintenance, Shealy was able to help North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center find a solution to the following issues:

  • Maintenance
  • Short lamp life
  • Inaccessible fixtures
  • High energy bills
  • Lower operating costs

The location of the lamps over the pool area combined with a narrow pool deck made it difficult to maintain lighting. This issue was resolved by installing LEDs, as the life was extended to 100,000 hours versus the 20,000 hours of the previous fixtures. Time spent replacing old lamps was costly and time consuming.

The solution was the new RAB LED fixture. The new LED has a five-year warranty and has crisper and cleaner light. The wattage reduction from the metal halide to LED was nearly 75%, which helped reduce the utility bill. North Myrtle Beach was able to obtain a rebate from their utility provider, Santee Cooper, to help cover a portion of the cost.


The facility was given a dramatic makeover evident to staff and members. The LED lights have allowed for better visibility, significantly less maintenance and lower utility cost. The project went so well that they plan to continue updating other areas of the facility, including the fitness room and gym areas. This inspired the city to continue updates in other buildings.