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Jesco DL-AC-FLEX Infina Linear LED

Five-year savings


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Return on investment

0.96 years

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Parkway Properties, Inc. strives to be one of the industry leaders in the development and operation of high-performance green buildings.

Opened in 2002, the 47-story Hearst Tower in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the third tallest building in the city and contains nearly one million square feet of rentable space. Parkway in Charlotte worked to convert the Hearst Tower to more energy efficient, long-term lighting. One of the many projects that were completed in 2014 was the lighting upgrade in the North Tryon Street and College Street lobbies.


Parkway has made positive contributions toward a sustainable future by integrating green building practices into their business. The main concerns to be addressed were:

  • Inefficient energy use in the building
  • Longevity of lights
  • High maintenance costs
  • High energy consumption
  • Poor light output

Shealy Energy — now Border States — worked with Parkway to replace thousands of inefficient lamps with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED and halogen lamps.


Parkway Properties was pleased with the results of the lighting project in the Hearst Tower lobby. The fixtures burn 24/7, and the retrofits decreased maintenance and energy costs. The projected savings over five years is $178,295 in energy and an additional $155,045 in material and labor, bringing the total 5-year projected savings to $333,340.