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Technology Update

We are continuously building for the future, including improving the tools and resources our employee-owners use to serve your needs. Over the last year, we have been preparing to upgrade our business system (we use SAP). On February 21, we will open with a new business system platform, SAP S/4HANA. We are excited about the impending capabilities the new platform enables and the improved experience it will deliver to our customers, vendors and our employee-owners. 

What You Need to Know

The business system cutover will begin at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15 and will run through Sunday, February 20. We will keep normal business hours during this period.  

We will minimize any disruption in your service, and by planning with us for this cutover, you will be served in the best possible way during this period. Our sales team is prepared to assist you. It would be beneficial to work with our sales team to execute transactions prior to Wednesday, February 16 or after Monday, February 21.  

Please work with your Border States contacts to: 

  • Order in advance of the cutover period. 
  • Prioritize early deliveries if needed. 
  • Order material to ship directly to the job site. 

Limited capabilities during cutover 

During the February 15-20 cutover prior (Feb. 19-20 over a weekend), we will not be able to: 

  • Process a cash sale. 
  • Process a credit card sale. 
  • Provide a customer invoice. 

E-commerce Downtime 

  • E-commerce will be available to browse materials, but you won’t be able to log-in to view pricing, availability, order and invoice history or pay bills.
  • Users will be unable to log in to their account 6 p.m. CT Monday, February 14, through 7 a.m. CT Monday, February 21. 
  • This ensures we can support any open activities prior to the system shutdown. 
  • SupplyTrax VMI and Warehouse Management applications will not be accessible through the website during this time. 
  • Access to e-commerce punchout will also not be available during this time. 

Things to Consider

Work with your Border States contacts to order in advance and prioritize early deliveries. 

We have spent the last year building, testing, preparing and — most recently — practicing this conversion, so we ensure success and minimize disruption. 

S/4HANA represents the future of business system technology, and we are excited about the upcoming capabilities the new platform enables and improved experience it will deliver to our customers, vendors and employee-owners.  

We know your work cannot stop, so we will work proactively with you to make this as smooth as possible, providing updates as we progress. We appreciate your patience during this cutover period. 

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions. 

FAQ – what to expect during business system update (Feb. 14-20)

Business Solutions 

You will receive files through the early morning hours of Wednesday February 16, likely earlier than you normally receive them. After that time, no files will be sent until our system is back online.

Yes. The WM mobile app will continue to work as normal. You will not be able to access the website to view transaction history during this time

We are asking you avoid using the SupplyTrax VMI mobile app beginning Monday, February 14 at 6 p.m. CT. The order submission will work in most cases, although there are instances where it will not work.

Customers attempting to use e-commerce punchout will not be able to log in through the punchout interface during the downtime and will not see pricing and availability for materials. Customers who use punchout can begin doing so starting on the morning of Monday, February 21.. 


No. Current e-commerce users will be unable to log in to place orders, see item pricing and availability, review invoice or order history, or pay invoices. 

All online bill payments you enter before Monday, February 14 at 6 p.m. CT will be processed for payment. We recommend that prior to the downtime, you pay any invoices due by the end of the month (end of day Monday, February 14) to avoid potential delays that could lead to finance charges.

FAQ – what to expect with new business system (starting Feb. 21)


Any order you placed that was open at the time of the Border States downtime (Tuesday, Feb 15), may appear in e-commerce with a $0 order total / subtotal after e-commerce is back up. This is because the system could not accurately calculate tax / shipping for these orders during the cutover. Individual line item totals will remain in these orders, however, and the corresponding invoice will display the correct document totals (taxes, shipping).

All of your invoice history will remain and be accessible from e-commerce. You can search for invoices from multiple years in the past irrespective of whether you used e-commerce, EDI, a customer service representative placed the order for you, or you placed the order at a city desk. However, some invoices that were open at system downtime may no longer display your PO when viewing invoice history in e-commerce. A conversion of the invoice document type does not allow this data to persist with these open invoices.

 Yes. All of your company and user information, and transaction history will be available after the migration, including order and invoice history and proof of delivery.

 You will still have access to your Lists starting on Monday, February 21. As product details are updated, there is a chance that some products will no longer be visible. 

As part of our SAP upgrade, we may remove some materials from availability at certain branches. While you may still see these materials on historical invoices and orders, you won’t be able to order those items.   


Please contact support@borderstates.com if you have any issues using the site after it’s available on Monday, February 21.