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Transworld, Inc.

Project Profile


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Terry Hudson, Product Manager

Columbia, South Carolina

Transworld, Inc. was tasked with replacing an obsolete item on a job to fix an alternating controller that powered two air compressors in a hospital. Our Automation Specialist was able to solve the problem.

The increasing complexity of today’s process automation systems and components requires professionals trained in the controls that govern those systems. At Shealy Electrical Wholesalers — now Border States — our Automation Specialists are experts in finding solutions.

The Challenge

Transworld approached us with a problem in Ladson, South Carolina. A customer had an obsolete alternating controller with a 480VAC coil that controlled two air compressors for the hospital. The hospital was using a temporary air compressor until their system, which had not been operational for two months, could be repaired. The system used 480VAC coils to start and stop the compressors. Today, most alternating relays use 24VDC or 120VAC for the coils. Transworld could not find an out-of-the-box alternating relay with a 480VAC control voltage. In addition to the challenge of finding the correct parts, the customer needed to have the system completely operational in seven days.

The Solution

The solution required a custom panel to be assembled and engineered in a short time frame. We contacted one of our approved System Integrators, who was able to design a new panel. The custom panel utilized a transformer 480 to 120VAC, fuse blocks for circuit protection, Symcom alternating relay 120VAC and two Schneider contactors to start the 480VAC coils. This solution saved the customer time and system complexity.

The Delivery

We were asked to manage the project and assist with startup. The parts were sent air freight to our branch in Florence, South Carolina, for the approved partner to assemble the panel and produce drawings. The panel was delivered to us two days before the deadline. Brad DeAntonio from our Ladson branch delivered the panels to Transworld to be installed prior to the Friday deadline. On Friday, our Automation Representative and the approved partner were on site to assist with the startup, and the project was completed on time.