Powerful supply chain solutions for the utility industry

Electric, natural gas and telco utility companies have relied on us for decades. And as aging infrastructure and increased demand change the utility industry, our customers look to our technical support and training to lower costs and increase profits.

Delivering more than utility products

Combine our industry knowledge of distribution, transmission and substation projects with our project management services. Our customers don’t just get supplies. They get an experienced partner that streamlines their supply chain.

Resources for the utility industry

Making Transactional Efficiency Part of Everything

Our customers rely on us to automate their supply chain to increase all-around efficiency—and their overall productivity. Through our advanced enterprise resource planning system, we adapt to the ever-changing demands of supply chain management. We make it easy for our customers to conduct business by seamlessly integrating their processes with ours.

The Assurance Needed for Storm Response Disaster Recovery

When disasters strike, we deliver the products our customers need through our dedicated storm stock—material we always have on hand, just in case. We work with our customers day and night—providing more than products, but the solutions and services they need in emergencies.