Welcome to E-commerce Pilot

Pilot Goal

To get feedback from a small group of passionate, digitally engaged customers, and test out certain capabilities prior to releasing the site to the rest of the Border States customer base.

What we are asking of you

During the pilot, we ask that you try use this new E-commerce site in your everyday buying and research that you do with BSE products.

How can you give that feedback?

While your account manager is aware that your company is part of the pilot, we ask that you direct your comments or questions to the sources noted below:

If you find you need to go to the “old” site

If you need to, you can go back and use the current BSE eCommerce site at www.borderstates.com at any time. This site will be up for several more months until we release the pilot site to all Border States’ customers.

Things to know

  • This site is completely functional; all orders you place are real orders Border States can process and delver or have ready at your branch when you need them. When you look up an order, invoice, or quote, those are all live business transactions that reflect the business you’re doing with Border States.
  • Some areas of this site are going to be a work in progress – we will continue to improve the site search, update content and add other areas of the site during the pilot period.
  • This site represents an initial phase of a multi-phase journey. Most of what you see on the current pilot site is core capabilities you may have experienced in the current Border States site at www.borderstates.com, but with a focus on an improved search, a more modern user experience and improved content. As such, our goal is to establish this site as a strong foundation for future capabilities we’re working on.

Known Issues

The pilot site is still a work in progress, and we’ll work hard during the pilot period to improve areas of the site and content. There are a few issues we know about that may impact your experience.


  • Search: We’re working on making search results more relevant, specifically by sorting the most relevant products by popularity. This currently is not in place, and in some cases, you may get search results for less popular or less relevant items.
  • Pricing: In some cases, when you display a list of products via search or through navigation, you may not see pricing load for the items (a “contact branch for price” message appears). This happens when one of the items displayed is discontinued, and the pricing call fails. We’re aware of the issue, and working on it. If this happens, you can display the price for an item by clicking on it to see the product detail page.
  • Alliance links: If you’re an alliance customer who uses a custom collaboration or support site, you should see those sites under My Account > My Links.

    If you attempt to access one of these sites, you may receive a request to provide your login credentials. If this happens, please use the site credentials you use for the current www.borderstates.com. The new authentication for the eCommerce pilot site is not yet synched with the authentication for those alliance sites.

We Appreciate YOU!

We appreciate the effort and time you’re taking to help us, and we’re grateful for your continued business. Thanks.

Jon Axtman
Manager, Digital Strategy

And the Entire Border States Digital Team.