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Important message to Border States customers regarding automated email invoices

We have discovered that some customers who receive invoices through Border States automated email invoice system may not be consistently receiving all invoices. This is not unique to our organization, but due to increased filters and algorithms that email providers use to combat spam and phishing scams, etc. Unfortunately, these important tools also, at times, block important mail. 

To help alleviate this issue you can work with your IT department or IT service provider to approve (“whitelist” or “trust”) our bsecfs@borderstates.com email address within your email provider’s system.  

By doing this, you will help to ensure the timely and accurate reciept of invoices without increasing your exposure to email that you do not want. Whitelisting bsecfs@borderstates.com has proven to resolve the problem. Again, working with your IT department or IT service provider will be the most expedient method of fixing this issue. Please reach out to [contact info] for questions. 


A note for our customers who view invoices and make payments through our ecommerce platform – invoices and payment options in our customer portal have not been affected by this issue. If you are not currently signed up for our ecommerce platform and are interested in learning more about enrollingplease visit our signup page.