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Why BSE? Co-workers and customers appreciate you

Keri GoodeYour hard work is valued

Keri Goode tried escargot when she was just a toddler and has had a passion for fine dining ever since.

A foodie of sorts who prefers cooking at home over going out, Goode always takes the necessary time to deliver freshness, great taste and a perfect presentation to her dinner table. Quality is everything.

She approaches her role as Border States Customer Service Representative in a similar way. When Goode arrives at work every morning in Greeley, CO, she’s oftentimes met with a string of overnight order requests from customers. They rely on her like this regularly, knowing she’ll pull through for them right away each day.

Goode has found a passion for working with her customers. She goes above and beyond to help them be successful, even if it means delving into the warehouse filing system to find a single packing order.

Working with our customers is great because you can joke around with them like a buddy,” Goode says. “It feels good when they say things like, ‘I know I handed you this order last minute, but thank you so much for getting it done for me.’”

A company that wants you to advance

Goode started working at Border States a little more than a year ago as an Administrative Associate. Her supervisor quickly noticed how helpful she was in multiple areas of the branch, so he promoted her to her current role.

One of the many characteristics that stand out about Goode is her interest in understanding all aspects of Border States’ business. It’s a quality the company values.

“I think it’s beneficial to understand multiple roles because you can see how the business works as a whole,” Goode says. “The best part of this job is you’re not stuck in any one position. Border States encourages you to grow and move up within the company.”

Goode also says she appreciates being part of a 100 percent employee-owned, American company. Border States’ is a growing company with an employee stock-ownership plan (ESOP) that is tough to beat.

Employee-owners look out for one another

Goode enjoys working alongside her fellow employee-owners. They’re a tight-knit group, which is common for Border States’ more than 100 branches across the country.

“Working here is just fun all around,” Goode says, adding that it’s cool to see how all the branches work together for a common goal.

For example, following Hurricane Florence, some of Border States’ North Carolina branches were experiencing a shortage of much-needed electrical panels as part of recovery efforts. Greeley was among the branches that stepped in to help.

That’s Border States. The company promotes a culture where employee-owners are always there to help one another.

“I feel like I’m part of a family – a community,” Goode says. “I’m doing something that matters.”

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