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Hot Spot Gas Station and
Convenience Store


Project cost


Return on investment

2.8 years


Cree CPY250

Cree CR24-40L-50K

Five-year savings


Annual energy reduction


Enoree, South Carolina

Hot Spot gas station and convenience store in Enoree, South Carolina, wanted to create a safe and well-lit atmosphere for their customers.

Headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, R.L. Jordan Oil owns and operates 45 convenience stores under various fuel brands. The retail division began operation under the Hot Spot store brand in 1950 with one location in Franklin, North Carolina. Locally-owned R.L. Jordan Oil took a step toward their interest in helping the environment by upgrading interior and exterior lighting at their Enoree location.


Hot Spot worked with Shealy Energy — now Border States — to upgrade their indoor and outdoor lighting with energy-efficient CREE LED luminaires, drastically reducing energy costs and virtually eliminating maintenance expenses. The following items were addressed:

  • Roadside visibility
  • Outdated technology
  • Dimly lit areas
  • High energy costs
  • High maintenance costs

Previously, this large truck stop was illuminated on the exterior with 320-watt metal halide canopy fixtures. CREE CPY250 122-watt luminaires replaced 112 metal halide fixtures. On the interior, 116 4-lamp T8 fixtures were replaced with the CREE CR24-40L-50K 40-watt luminaires. The reduction in the fixtures and wattage lowered energy consumption by 65%.

Additionally, R.L. Jordan Oil will incur a payback on the investment of less than three years. The LED lighting upgrade makes a positive impact on the community and customer experience.

The new luminaires give the store a clean and safe look that is more inviting to customers.


While saving on energy costs is important to R. L. Jordan Oil, the maintenance time and expenses were the driving factor for making the upgrade. The company often called an outside electrician to change the metal halide lamps and ballasts every six months at a cost of over $150 per call. The new LED luminaires provide decades of virtually maintenance-free operation.