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Woodruff High School



Cree LED ZR24 fixtures

Brownlee fixtures

Wattstopper controls

Truly Green Solutions

Total material cost


Five-year savings


Rebates and incentives

Duke Energy $50,000

Maintenance cost incentives

$3,000 per year

Clark Simpkins, Facilities Director and Assistant Business Manager of Spartanburg, South Carolina, School District 4, worked with Shealy Energy — now Border States — to develop a plan to retrofit Woodruff High School.

Clark was recently recognized as the Energy Manager of the Year. The Association of South Carolina Energy Managers (ASCEM) Energy Manager of the Year award recognizes the outstanding work of an individual energy professional in the field of energy management. It aims to recognize and encourage the role of those working in energy management, acknowledging individual achievements in efficient energy practices and the innovation of energy-saving technologies.


With an ASCEM-recognized Energy Manager of the Year working with our specialists, Woodruff High School was able to address the following concerns:

  • High energy bills
  • Poor lighting
  • High maintenance costs
  • Utilize available utility rebates
  • Safety and security in parking lots

The team worked to audit and make recommendations to lower energy bills and enhance the quality of light by replacing lighting with the latest LED technology. The main objective was obtained by introducing new LED fixtures that last longer and use less energy, all while creating better lighting quality for students and employees.

The existing fixtures had an average life of 10,000 hours and required constant maintenance. The new LED fixtures have an average life of 75,000 hours, nearly eight times that of the existing fixtures. This created a drastic maintenance cost reduction of $3,000 per year. Additionally, by using Duke Energy rebates, Woodruff qualified for a rebate of $50,000.


The total number of fixtures that were retrofitted was 1,201. Indoor fixtures included T8 and T12 2×2 and 2×4 troffers, surface wraps, vapor tight and strip lights. Outdoor fixtures included metal halide high bays, pole, area, canopy, flood and wall pack.


The reaction to the lighting upgrade at Woodruff High School was overwhelmingly positive from employees and students. Lighting levels were significantly improved, and the overall quality of light was enhanced. The conservation measure was even used to educate on the power of electricity savings and better light. The school gained an annual cost savings of $25,000.